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Naghi Naghashian

Born in Teheran, Naghi Naghashian finished his school education in Iran and moved
to Germany to study illustration and book design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG),
an academy of design, in Offenbach. After graduating he served as an art director at various advertising agencies in Germany, Switzerland and England.
As a freelance graphic designer, he handled illustration and brand design for leading
brand manufacturers in Europe and for broadcasting stations in Germany
and other European countries.
In addition to carrying out theoretical work in the field of color, he researched the
passive perception of color and “after image” phenomena.
Based on his analysis of the letters of the Arabic alphabet and defining their structure,
Naghi designed a number of modern types of Arabic script, which eventually resulted in the creation of more than 50 typefaces. His fonts in Farsi (Persian), Arabic and Urdu are the most published modern fonts worldwide.
Five years of intensive and creative study went into his most recent project,
the publication of the illustrated quatrains of Omar Khayyam.
A researcher at heart, Naghi also explored the basic structure of colors,
their dynamic and kinetic behaviors.

While the result of years of observation and analysis is already available on this website as an abridged version, the full version will soon be published as an ebook.

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